3/4/24 Let Me Tell You! A curated Story Telling Jam

Let Me Tell You! A Curated Story Telling Jam
Monday, March 4, 2024
7:00-9:00 pm

Ages: 18+ yrs.
Location: Joseph C. Vallez Activity Center

A free monthly storytelling event hosted by 2-time Moth winner Errol McLendon

Everyone tells stories. At family gatherings. In bars and coffee shops. Here is your opportunity to share your personal stories with your community. Stories can be funny or poignant. About love or tragedy, or maybe both. They can be about something you learned or something you wish you had never done. Something historic you witnessed or were a part of.

If you would like to participate in our upcoming Jams please submit a description of a 7 - 8 minute story you would like to tell to errol.mclendon@gmail.com to be included in an evening of friends sharing stories with friends. First time tellers are welcomed and encouraged.

A free Zoom workshop will be offered two weeks prior to each show to help enhance your story in a relaxed, informal environment. One-on-one coaching will also be available.

Concessions will be available for purchase

March Story Tellers

Peter R LeGrand  


Peter R LeGrand is a needlessly tall teacher, woodworker, bike rider, and happens to be a storyteller to boot!  He's mildly pursuing a Nobel Prize for his breakthrough work regarding the chemical properties of cheese whiz as well.  

Paul Engelhardt


Paul Engelhardt is a founding member of Strawdog Theatre, a former Board President at Oak Park Festival Theatre, as well as a Master of Fine Arts graduate from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. Additionally, he has written, directed and acted for multiple murder mystery theatre companies and was a former Regional Director of Murder Mystery Players (a national company out of Dallas). During Covid lockdown, he wrote and directed a zoom-based murder mystery. He is married to Dawn Haney, who among other things was the handler and trainer of Morris the Cat (Morris III) and she has some stories to tell too, so stay tuned. Paul is also lucky enough to be the proud father of Linus, a soon to be graduating film student and Ben, a current Triton College student, artist and writer. While Paul has a significant theatre background (and stories), this is his debut as a storyteller. He is a little nervous about - partially because when he's usually on stage he's doing someone else's words and partially because he so often falls asleep in front of the TV by 9 PM.

Roli Prasad


Roli Prasad is a teacher. She teaches science classes at her local university, primarily cadaver-based human anatomy.

Roli has always loved stories, which was the driving force that allowed her grandmother to teach her to read & write Hindi at the age of 3. Roli has always aspired to be a writer. She takes life, her family, her teaching, and herself very seriously, which is reflected in the stories that emerge from her mind and onto a page but which is also ironic because there is nothing Roli loves more than to laugh, especially at a great story!

Harvey Edwards


It all started when Harvey Edwards was 10 and got his first camera and took a picture of two people walking by. He went home and developed the negatives and printed that one image. He realized that he had just stopped time forever for that one image he had captured. From then on he knew this would be my life. Now he is preserving time through the magic of storytelling.

Francesca Sobrer


We’ve waited a month for this great teller. An early arrival of a grandchild was the reason for the delay. Well worth the wait, I promise you.

Recognizing her first career choice as professional sea siren might be too ambitious, Francesca Sobrer went to the next obvious option: High school English and theatre teacher where she realized the power of the personal narrative. She has been telling stories ever since. Now retired from the public school system (your welcome) Francesca Sobrer, a sometime actor, occasional director, always intrepid traveler, tells stories wherever and whenever she can.

A multi MothStorySLAM winner in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York City, Sobrer has told stories for Back Yard Story, This Much is True, Soul Stories, South Specific, Soul Serenade, First Person Live, and Homewood Stories.

Rebecca Anderson


Rebecca Anderson is a pastor at two churches in Chicago, one of which she started from scratch. Her biscuits are unparalleled, and she knows the best places to pick juneberries. Outside of her work at Bethany UCC and Gilead Chicago, she is the head honcho of Earshot, running storytelling workshops across the country. If you want to get to know Rebecca, you can find her on Sunday mornings at Bethany, a progressive-traditional church in Ravenswood (BethanyChicago.com), and Sunday evenings at Gilead, a queer storytelling bar church in a Rogers Park bar (GileadChicago.org). She hosts potlucks, plants gardens, and almost certainly wants to have coffee with you

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