General Policies

Photo Policy
The North Berwyn Park District periodically takes photos and or videos of participants in a Park District program, activity, class, event, or using Park District facilities or properties. These photos and videos may be used for promotional purposes in the Park District's publications, advertising and marketing materials(ie. brochures, event flyers, social media outlets, Park District website). In the event you do not want photos of yourself or family members published, please contact the North Berwyn Park District.

Non-Discrimination Policy
The North Berwyn Park District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability or any other legally protected  characteristic either through its employment practices, the operation of its programs and services, or through its relationship with vendors and other business providers. If you have questions regarding the North Berwyn Park District's commitment to its non-discrimination policy or you believe you have been unfairly discriminated against, please contact the North Berwyn Park District.

Americans with Disabilities Act Notice Of Compliance Policy
The North Berwyn Park District is subject to and will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability against persons who meet essential eligibility requirements for services. Procedures are being developed to continue to implement the provisions of the ADA. If you have any questions regarding the ADA, please contact (708) 749-4900 x11.

Resident Priority Registration Policy
Priority registration is given to Berwyn residents with proof of residency (driver's license, state ID, utility bill) the first two weeks of a registration session. Resident fees apply to Berwyn residents with proof of residency.

Pet Policy
The North Berwyn Park District enforces the following rules in regards to pets in the park:
1. Pets are not allowed in or around playground or playground equipment.
2. Pets are allowed at our passive park area known as Berwyn Gardens, pets must be on a leash no longer     than 6ft and under control.
3. Owners are responsible for removal and sanitary disposal of any excrement deposited by his/her animal on       park property.

Residential Courtesy Policy
The residential and business neighbors who surround the community center, facilities and parks are very supportive and patient with the activities of the park district. Please acknowledge this tolerance by respecting their privacy and property.

Vandalism Policy
The North Berwyn Park District will pursue prosecution to the fullest extent of the law against all persons who vandalize or commit other acts of criminal damage to North Berwyn Park District property, and require restitution for the amount of damage and for any reward paid pursuant to this policy. 

Persons who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of such offenders, or to full restitution by the offender, may receive a reward of up to $100, based on the amount of damage. Persons eligible for a reward are expected to cooperate with all law enforcement authorities responsible for the arrest and prosecution of an alleged offender. A review committee made up of park district personnel will decide rewards. 

Behavior Policy
The North Berwyn Park District insists that all participants comply with the following behavior policies. These policies have been developed to help make programs safe and enjoyable for all participants.  Additional rules are in place for specific programs as deemed appropriate and necessary by staff.

1. Show respect to all participants, staff and volunteers.  Participants should follow program and facility rules and     take direction from staff.  Participation is required in program activities.
2. Refrain from abusive or foul language.
3. Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other participants or staff.
4. Refrain from threatening the safety and well-being to self, other participants or staff.
5. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.
6. Do not possess any weapons.
7. Refrain from disparaging remarks to include comments against an individual’s race, creed, color, sex, sexual     orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, marital status or disability.
8. Will not display any aggressive behavior, (i.e. hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, and biting).
9. Smoking is prohibited in all park district and school district facilities, as well as 15 feet from any entrance.
10. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all park district facilities and parks.

Park District officials and staff reserve the right to dismiss persons from a program or facility that are not in compliance with the Behavior Policy.

Refund Policy
The North Park District strives to offer the best in recreational activities, events, and programs however we do recognize there may be times when you may not be satisfied. Please be aware of the following when requesting a refund/credit:

1. A $5 processing fee will be charged if a refund/credit is requested prior to the "class register by" deadline    (please allow 2 weeks for processing).
2. After the first session of any class, refunds/credits will be pro-rated and assessed a $5 processing fee    (please allow 2 weeks for processing). Refunds/credits will not be issued after the second session of any class.
3. Programs such as; One Day Workshops, To Go Kits, Flea Markets & Special Events, do not qualify for     refunds.
4. For Trips and Let's do Lunch, a refund will only be issued if a substitute can be found. Because the North     Berwyn Park District pays for these tickets and reservations in advance, this policy is strictly enforced.
5. If a class has been cancelled due to low enrollment, registration fees will be refunded to you (please allow 2     weeks for processing) or credited to your household (your discretion).
6. The North Berwyn Park District reserves the right to make final decisions on all refunds.

The North Berwyn Park District makes every effort to provide complete and accurate information about the programs and classes it offers.  In the event of an error, the Park District has the right to revise, delete or change any information it deems necessary.

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